You Can Fill a Bucket a Lot Faster If It Isn’t Leaking!

Think of your company as a giant bucket of water. The water in your bucket represents your customers—the lifeblood of your business. Every drop of water that leaks out of

Why You Need To Learn From Your Customers

“An organisations ability to learn & translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitor advantage” – Jack Welch When you test different things and learn from what you

Where To Invest To Get ROI From Your Customers ?

How a guy called Pareto & some triangles can help you grow your business! Understanding the dynamics of customer value is key to understanding where to invest your scarce resources;

What do you know about your customers?

Do you know who your best customers are? Do you know who your worst customers are? Do you know which customers you just lost, and which ones you’re about to

Demystifying the language of customer retention

The business world is fraught with jargon, to the point where it is possible to get so tangled up in semantics that you completely lose sight of what is actually

How to use the customer life cycle to drive value in your business

In order to retain the right customers, offer an excellent customer experience, improve customer loyalty and ultimately grow your business, you have to know your customers better than ever before.

What does Sherlock Holmes and customer behavioural analytics have in common?

Quite a bit actually! Here are the top four reasons why customer behavioural analytics is very much like the fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

Brands & Cents: Why Understanding Customer Behaviour Makes Good Business Sense

Each time your customers interact with your business, they are telling you something, both by means of their actions and the data created by these actions. This data “speaks” for

The Single Most Important Thing You Should Know About Customer Retention

The most important thing to know about customer retention is this – you cannot trick your customers into believing that you are the best; you have to be the best


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